Employment Conditions

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A critical part of becoming a world-class resort is ensuring that we reflect a world-class image, day in and day out, across our entire team. Personal grooming and appearance must be tidy and clean at all times, as we want every guest to have an incredible impression of our people. We try to balance the individuality and diversity of our team with our desire to project a welcoming image of professionalism and safety to our guests. The Image Guidelines are outlined during interviews, in the Seasonal Employee Handbook, in the Core Employee Toolkit, and are discussed at Orientation.

SIN Cards & Work Permits

Every employee must present a valid Social Insurance Number prior to commencing work.  International employees must also provide a copy of their open Canadian Work Permit.

Staff Pass

All full and part time seasonal and core employees will be given a Staff Pass. This pass gives every employee full access to the resort as well as various employee discounts. Before being issued a pass, you will need to have all paperwork complete including your signed offer of employment, the new hire package forms, and any other required documentation.

Criminal Record Checks

Some positions require a criminal record check to be completed as a condition of the offer of employment. This can be easily completed at any RCMP branch and may take some time to process. International employees may be asked to provide a copy of the background check used to obtain their work permit.


A reference check is completed for each candidate prior to being offered employment. Please be prepared to give a minimum of one work related reference during your interview. We accept a previous employer’s letter of reference along with a contact name and number or email if international.

Health Care Coverage

All employees must have personal health care coverage. BC Medical, other Provincial Health Care coverage or proof of equivalent travel insurance for international employees is required.

Accident Insurance

All full and part-time seasonal employees must participate in our Accident Insurance Program. This program provides basic coverage including Life Insurance, Dental Care, Medical Care and Transportation Expenses in the unfortunate event that you suffer from an accident during the season. There is a minimal monthly cost of $8.00 which will automatically be deducted from employee pay each pay period. This insurance is not a substitute for provincial health care or personal travel insurance.


Our payroll system is done electronically and we require a void cheque or direct deposit form before an employee starts work. To receive a direct deposit form or void cheque by direct deposit, every employee must have a Canadian bank account. In Golden, the local banks are CIBC and The Columbia Credit Union.


Even though some employees receive a KHMR email address, it is a requirement for all employees to have an active, personal email account. We use this email to send you important recruitment documentation including your offer of employment. We also use this email as a way to communicate updated resort information, such as employee events, through our employee newsletter.