Our Commitment to the Environment

We live, work and play in an amazing and majestic environment, surrounded by the gorgeous peaks of the Canadian Rockies.  Just as you feel privileged to live and visit here, we feel privileged to operate here, in Mother Nature.  As part of our ongoing commitment to preserving the natural environment we have procedures and policies in place we follow each season as well as adding new initiatives whenever possible.

NEW this season

Trees are for Glades
More Trees, Less Paper

Remember the “paperless office?” Didn’t think so. Despite the enormous proliferation of computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones, the average North American still consumes a rather mind-boggling 500 plus pounds of paper annually. And while there have been advances made in recycling technology, there are still a lot of trees grown and harvested for pulp and paper, and not everything ends up in the blue box.

Trees are for Glades is a new environmental initiative being championed by Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. RCR has made a decision to not print their main brochure for the upcoming 2015/2016 ski season, and will plant a tree for every person who signs up to receive information about their favourite resorts via e-mail, instead.

Read more about this exciting initiative, sign up for emails to get a tree planted and enter a sweet contest on the Trees are for Glades website.


Our ongoing commitment;

1. Water Conservation – low or no flow toilets, newest snowmaking technology that uses less water and less energy and creates the best possible snow surface.By following the guidelines of the North American leading NSAA (National Ski Area Association) Sustainable Slopes Program, Kimberley Alpine Resort is able to provide the level of care for the environment that matches both our corporate vision and core team commitment. Some of our continual efforts as a part of our commitment to the environment include:

2. Energy Conservation – Carpool programs, less use of vehicles for work, replaced older and less efficient pumps in snowmaking with an energy efficient state-of-the-art system that overall uses less energy.

3. Recycling – Use corn-based garbage bags that easily bio-degrade, paper & cardboard waste program as well as bottle, cup, and can recycle program.

3. Mountain Operations – practices include erosion control, minimal site disturbance during slope grooming and replacing machines with more efficient engines wherever possible.

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