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Boo Welcomes the Red Barn Petting Zoo to KHMR

Golden British Columbia, August 10th: Boo the bear and KHMR are very excited to partner with the Red Barn Petting Zoo for a 2 event-series, Sat August 18th and September 1st.

Children and parents from the Golden Community, KHMR Homeowners and all summer guests are invited to visit this unique family event and also take the opportunity to enjoy a range of exciting activities that Kicking Horse Mountain Resort has to offer.

Here is our recipe for an amazing day:

Start your day off with a ride up the Catamount Chair Lift to visit the Grizzly Bear Refuge. Jump on an interpretative tour with our GBR team to meet our most popular ambassador, Boo.
The Grizzly Bear Refuge is an education, conservation and research facility that offers a second chance at life for orphan grizzly bear cubs within a protected, spacious and natural mountainside habitat.
The Refuge provides research staff a unique opportunity to observe behaviour and life skill development of grizzly cubs as they grow in a natural setting. Researchers record daily observations made on activities such as foraging, playing, sleeping, survival, social skills and hibernation. The Grizzly Bear Refuge also studies the environmental impact a grizzly bear has on a large enclosed habitat. This helps us to determine how much area is required to allow the bears to be physically, socially and mentally healthy

Next, head up to the award winning Eagle’s Eye Restaurant for an elevated lunch. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy spectacular views of the Rockies, Purcell and Selkirk mountain ranges. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort also offers 5 sensational hiking trails.


Finally, head back down to the base to visit our special Petting Zoo guests! For the first time, KHMR’s plaza will be home all afternoon long, to many breads of goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and more – but not just any old kind! Red Barn, located in the Blaeberry Valley, is very proud of its collection of rare domestic specimen – some of these animals you may not have never seen or heard of! They are a valuable part of our heritage, as well as being essential for the development of sustainable agriculture. Our future food sources depend on the preservation of these genetic qualities. Fall in love with these animals, and pass the word!

For this special occasion a 10% off discount will be offered on our Sightseeing, Adventure and Grizzly Bear Refuge passes on Saturday August 18th. Free tickets for children 5 years and under.

For more information or call 1.866.SKI.KICK

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