Grizzly Bear Refuge Report

Grizzly Bear Refuge Report – July 2014

Boo is now in his full summer coat, a beautiful silvertip colour. Rubbing on trees has helped Boo shed his winter coat and it definitely shows.
Although not as bad as previous years, the bugs in July were sometimes atrocious and Boo seeks relief by submerging himself in his favorite muddy pond located under the gondola. Boo makes the most of his watering holes to escape the summer heat or seeks refuge in the deep shade of the habitat trees.
Wildfire smoke temporarily desensitized Boo’s sense of smell as staff noticed it took him longer than usual to locate his dietary supplements. He’s had more luck foraging on natural vegetation including black twin berry bushes. Boo wastes no time consuming all the ripe berries he can find. Sedges at this time of year are extremely succulent and have proven to be an important source of natural food for Boo. For the first time, he was also observed snapping up tadpoles in one of his ponds, a tasty addition to Boo’s ever-evolving menu.
Don’t delay, come see Boo today! You just never know what you might see him doing!

Ross Prather, Grizzly Bear Refuge Manager