Grizzly Bear Refuge Report

August 2015 Refuge Report


This year, August is feeling more like the month of September in the mountains.  The weather has been cooler with more precipitation, the willows have started to turn, huckleberries have hit their prime & Boo has taken an early amped up caloric intake.  Food is his primary focus these days and he has been actively foraging for approximately 18hrs a day and currently ingesting close to 30,000 calories daily.  Boo is averaging a weight gain of approximately 50lbs (20kg) every two weeks and is only 95lbs (43.1kg) off his average hibernation weight of 750lbs (340.2kg) putting his current weight at 655lbs (297.1kg).  The GBR team are impressed with Boo’s early fall activity and noted that Boo has been working on a natural den in the NW portion of his enclosure since July!  Does Boo know something about the upcoming winter we don’t?  Only time will tell.  Don’t delay, come see Boo today!   We are open till September 27th this year so come see what Boo is all about, say Hi to the Rangers, they’re friendly and can tell you all about Boo and his life story plus they can offer tips on safely sharing the terrain bears use for a peaceful coexistence with such an intelligent and sentient animal.

GBR Wildlife Ranger

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Nicole Gangnon, Grizzly Bear Refuge Wildlife Ranger