Grizzly Bear Refuge Report

 April 2015 Refuge Report

Spring has sprung! And boy did it come early this year. It was a mild winter and bears were spotted earlier than previous years rousing from their dens. Boo was no exception to this and on March 8th Boo poked his head out his winter den and exited for the first time in 111 days. Each day moving forward Boo spent more and more time outside his den until April 10th when refuge staff were given the approval to release Boo from his over wintering yard to his 20 acre habitat. This occasion marked the first time Boo has been released to his habitat while skiing activities were still taking place on the resort.

Staff could not foresee any negative outcome with Boo being able to roam his home while skiing took place for one final weekend. Some of the public joined refuge staff for his release and Boo did not disappoint the interested spectators. Rolling, sliding, pouncing and playing in the snow were all on his agenda, Boo even did some mousing around the meadow portion of his habitat and was successful at catching one!

Boo has been content exploring his home again, investigating his natural den, bluffing Ravens away that dare get to close to him and enjoying the views of the mountain ranges which surround the town of Golden.

May 30th marks the start of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort’s summer season. Make sure to come on by see what Boo’s been up to this spring and listen to one of our rangers educate guests about bears. We’re sure you will leave with a greater appreciation for and understanding of Grizzly bears.

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Nicole Gangnon, Grizzly Bear Refuge Wildlife Ranger