Trail Descriptions

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TRAIL NAME All trails in this zone are created by hand and hoof
Blue Run Symbol #19 Rock Garden A series of wooden bridges over and amongst boulders followed by rocky singletrack in the alpine.
Blue Run Symbol #6 Northern Lights An old animal trail for high-speed bombing in the alpine.
Blue Run Symbol #20 Dirt Devil Short singletrack mix of roots and dirt and rocks and rocks and dirt and roots.
Blue Run Symbol  #29 Pipestone  Fast, flowing singletrack with the option of rocky & technical or fast & smooth for the exit.
Black run symbol # 21 Gale Force Slow speed meander through the trees along technical woodwork
Blue Run Symbol # 22 Training Wheels Completely recreated in 2011, this is a fun, looping singletrack that meanders through the sub-alpine.
Blue Run Symbol # 12 Chute to View A very visually aesthetic, high speed dirt trail along the alpine edge between trees and scree.
Blue Run Symbol # 7 Home Run A continuation of Chute to View that runs alongside a creek. This short trail has a beautiful setting and a number of bumpy rocks.
 Green run symbol # 31 Serpentine singletrack trail through the middle of Crystal Bowl. Great for working on you pumping and cornering speed. Try to ride it all without pedaling.

TRAIL NAME The trails in this zone are created by hand and machine
Black run symbol #13 Time Travel Technical singletrack with optional skinny bridges. This trail joins the bottom of Magic Carpet Ride.
Blue Run Symbol #26 Magic Carpet Ride This is a gentle dirt trail that steepens considerably toward the end. There is often loose rock near the end.
Blue Run Symbol #25 Showdown This long dirt run zigzags beside the gondola and is visible from Golden. It is machine-wide with multiple berms, tabletop jumps and terrain features.
Black run symbol #23 Blaster This machine-made run is one of the most popular with multiple berms and steep sections.
Black run symbol #14 Rock n Roll This machine and hand made mix includes 8 tight linking berms and 2 challenging rock slabs beneath the gondola. The first slab has a ride around and the second (ridiculously long and difficult – be sure to exit hard right) can be avoided all together.
Blue Run Symbol #3 Road Runner A machine-made, short mix of hip jumps and berms.
Blue Run Symbol #27 Upper Kranky Pants This is a long, non-technical, straight-forward, machine-wide trail designed to rack up kilometres.
Black run symbol #2 Pioneer Kicking Horse’s classic old-school, steep single-track with rocks and roots and some optional new-school wood features.
Green run symbol #8 School Marm This mid-mountain trail provides multiple linkage opportunities between the upper and lower mountain trails; it has 2 great wood wall rides opposite 2 great dirt wall rides
Black run symbol #30 Swamp Donkey High speed jump trail in open cut blocks and woods.

Green run symbol #1 It’s a 10 This is the road that accesses the mountain bike trails.  From the top of the Gondola it is an intermediate trail.  From the top of the Catamount chair it is for beginners.
Blue Run Symbol #4 Superberm This one could be called Superburner. It is a long, twisting combo of berms and jumps best enjoyed at 90% speed and 100% flair.
double black run symbol #9 Stickrock This uber-flowy combo of continuous woodwork & 3 rock slabs is unlike anything else out there. Highly recommended that you walk through before attempting, and avoid in the rain.
Black run symbol #17 LYM Love Ya Man is a short trail of made up almost entirely of continuous elevated wood bridges.
Green run symbol #24 Lower Kranky Pants An easy beginner trail that meanders down the lower mountain.
Blue Run Symbol #16 Chain Reaction A small stunt area with various options including skinnies and jumps.
Black run symbol #15 Stump Jumper Chain Reaction’s more advanced partner, this line is a bit skinnier and a bit more challenging.
Black run symbol #10 Claim Jumper An easier exit of the Pioneer trail that ends with a series of machine-made berms.
Black run symbol #28 Wild Rose Built to finish the inaugural Western Open race course, this trail is a mix of singletrack and machine-made berms.
Green run symbol #11 Easy Rider An easy singletrack continuation of Kranky Pants.
Blue Run Symbol #5 Buffalo Jump Fast becoming a favorite, this is a high-speed combo of berms, bridges and jumps that culminates in an optional elevated spiral berm called the Mineshaft (visible below the gondola).
Blue Run Symbol #18 Hop A Long This ribbon of various jumps has serious wahoo factor.
Blue Run SymbolBlack run symbol Jump Zone A row of increasingly large tables. Choose the blue or black line. The black ends with a large hip. Both of them exit with a green, blue or black drop option.