Trail Descriptions

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Alpine / Sub-Alpine (All trails in this zone are created by hand and hoof)

Blue Run Symbol #19 Rock Garden A series of wooden bridges over and amongst boulders followed by rocky singletrack in the alpine
Blue Run Symbol #6 Northern Lights An old animal trail for high-speed bombing in the alpine
Blue Run Symbol #20 Dirt Devil Short singletrack mix of roots and dirt and rocks and rocks and dirt and roots
Blue Run Symbol  #29 Pipestone
Black run symbol # 21 Gale Force Slow speed meander through the trees along technical woodwork
Blue Run Symbol # 22 Training Wheels Completely recreated in 2011, this is a fun, looping singletrack that meanders through the sub-alpine.
Blue Run Symbol # 12 Chute to View A very visually aesthetic, high speed dirt trail along the alpine edge between trees and scree
Blue Run Symbol # 7 Home Run A continuation of Chute to View that runs alongside a creek. This short trail has a beautiful setting and a number of bumpy rocks

Mid Mountain (The trails in this zone are created by hand and machine)

Black run symbol #13 Time Travel Technical singletrack with optional skinny bridges. This trail gets very steep and rocky toward the bottom.
Blue Run Symbol #26 Magic Carpet Ride This is a gentle dirt trail that steepens considerably toward the end. There is often loose rock near the end.
Blue Run Symbol #25 Showdown This long dirt run zigzags beside the gondola and is visible from Golden. It is machine-wide with multiple berms, tabletop jumps and terrain features.
Black run symbol #23 Blaster This machine-made run is one of the most popular with multiple berms and steep sections.
Black run symbol #14 Rock n Roll This machine and hand made mix includes 8 tight linking berms and 2 challenging rock slabs beneath the gondola. The first slab has a ride around and the second (ridiculously long and difficult – be sure to exit hard right) can be avoided all together.
Blue Run Symbol #3 Road Runner A machine-made, short mix of hip and wedge jumps.
Blue Run Symbol #27 Upper Kranky Pants This is a long, non-technical, straight-forward, machine-wide trail designed to rack up kilometres.
Black run symbol #2 Pioneer Kicking Horse’s classic old-school, steep single-track with rocks and roots and some optional new-school wood features.

Lower Mountain

Green run symbol #1 It’s a 10 This is the access road and the easiest way down.
Blue Run Symbol #4 Superberm This one could be called Superburner. It is a long, twisting combo of berms and jumps best enjoyed at 90% speed and 100% flair.
double black run symbol #9 Stickrock This uber-flowy combo of continuous woodwork & 3 rock slabs is unlike anything else out there. Highly recommended that you walk through before attempting, and avoid in the rain.
Black run symbol #17 LYM Love Ya Man is a short trail of made up almost entirely of continuous elevated wood bridges.
Green run symbol #24 Lower Kranky Pants An easy beginner trail that meanders down the lower mountain.
Blue Run Symbol #16 Chain Reaction A small stunt area with various options including skinnies and jumps.
Black run symbol #15 Stump Jumper Chain Reaction’s more advanced partner, this line is a bit skinnier and a bit more challenging
Black run symbol #10 Claim Jumper Classic old-school, steep single-track with rocks and roots that ends with a series of machine-made berms.
Black run symbol #28 Wild Rose Built to finish the inaugural Western Open race course, this trail is a mix of singletrack and machine-made berms.
Green run symbol #11 Easy Rider An easy singletrack continuation of Lower Kranky Pants.
Blue Run Symbol #5 Buffalo Jump Fast becoming a favourite, this is a high-speed combo of berms, bridges and jumps.
Blue Run Symbol #18 Hop A Long This ribbon of various jumps has serious wahoo factor.
Blue Run SymbolBlack run symbol Jump Zone A row of increasingly large tables. Choose the blue or black line. The black ends with a large hip. Both of them exit with a green, blue or black drop option.