Unguided Hiking Options

CPR Ridge Walk:
Rating: Easy
Return Time: 20 – 30 Minutes
Description: This trail begins at the top of the Golden Eagle Express Gondola and heads down the ridge, parallel to the gondola line. Be sure to take in the lookout points offering spectacular views of the Columbia River Valley, Blaeberry Valley and Rocky Mountains.

   Dogtooth Ridge Hike:
   Rating: More Difficult (The trail leaves the controlled recreational area)
Return Time: 1 – 6 hours (Depends on turnaround point)
   Description: Follow “It’s a Ten” roadway for approx. 200 metres, then follow the trail up to the left and along the ridgeline. At the Y, go right to the top of the Blue Heaven Lookout or continue left on a well defined alpine trail. This trail continues North on the backside of the ridge for several kilometres, eventually ending in the Gorman Lake area. Wild Flowers and fantastic mountain vistas can be found all along this trail.

Terminator Ridge Hike:
Rating: Most Dificult
Return Time: 2 – 3 Hours
Description: From the Gondola top, head South along the Ridge. This well defined trail cuts below Terminator ridge and heads to the Super Bowl saddle. Continue to the follow the main ridge up through a light scramble section. The Trail culminates on T2 summit lookout, at the top of an alpine meadow. Enjoy the spectacular views of the Columbia Wetlands to the South with the Rocky and Purcell Mountains on either side.

It’s a Ten Top to Bottom Hike:
Rating: Easy
Return Time 1-3 hrs. (This hike is only available from top to bottom)
Description: This well marked, 10 km trail, follows the Ten road from the top of the resort to the bottom. Take the Gondola up and gain 3,700 ft in elevation before following the road directly in front of you. Please be advised the Mountain Bikers also use the road and have right of way.

Bowl Over Loop:
Rating: Intermediate
Return Time: 2.5 Hours
Description: The Bowl Over Loop starts at the top of the Golden Eagle Express Gondola and makes its way down CPR Ridge dropping in elevation until you reach Tower 15 of the Gondola line. Views along the ridgeline are magnificent with vistas of the Dogtooth Range, Blaeberry Valley, Golden, Rocky Mountains, and Columbia Valley. Truly magnificent. From tower 15 you start your heart pumping assent up through the natural beauty of Bowl Over. Gaining elevation with every step, you will be taken in with the scope of the size of Bowl Over itself. The trail heads up through large rocks, alpine meadows and along natural moraine features before its steep final leg that finishes you back up at the summit of Kicking Horse.

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