Advanced Weather Data

Dogtooth Snow Plot

Unedited, and straight from the mid-mountain Dogtooth automatic weather station, here are the last 3 days of weather and snow conditions. This data updates hourly.


Date Date the reading was taken (Month, Day)
Time Time reading was taken (24 hour clock)
Air temp Air temperature in degrees Celsius
Dew Pt The temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins
RH Relative Humidity in %
Hrly New Snow Hourly New Snow depth in centimetres
HN 24 Board Depth of new snow in last 24 hours in centimetres. Cleared each morning by the Avalanche Forecaster.
Storm Snow Depth of snowfall in current storm cycle in centimetres. Generally cleared by the Avalanche Forecaster between storms but sometimes during a long storm, at their discretion.
Total Snow Stake Depth of snow at the snow stake in centimetres. When the figure reduces this is due to the gravitational settling of the snow, not melting!
Hrly WE
24hr Cumulatv WE Cumulative 24hr reading in millimetres of the water content of recorded snowfall. This reading resets every morning at 7am. This measure provides an indication of the moisture content and density of the new snow and so the loading the new snow is placing on the existing snowpack.