Driving Times & Directions

For customized generated driving directions and travel times to Kicking Horse follow the link and enter your city, postal or zip code DRIVING DIRECTIONS

Get up to date road conditions when traveling the Kicking Horse within BC (www.drivebc.ca) and Alberta (www.ama.ab.ca/road-reports)

Ride Sharing Options


HitchPlanet is a ridesharing service to help people get around British Columbia, to and from ski resorts primarily between Vancouver and Calgary.  Visit the Golden/Kicking Horse rideshare listing on the HitchPlanet website to browse rides available to and from Golden/Kicking Horse, for a cost-effective and convenient solution to getting on the mountain.

Sample average driving times

Golden, BC to: Time Kilometers Miles
Calgary, AB 2.5 Hours 265 km 165
Banff, AB 1.5 Hours 140 km 87
Edmonton, AB 6 Hours 558 km 347
Radium, BC 1 Hour 10 Minutes 105 kn 65
Kamloops, BC 5 Hours 362 km 225
Vancouver, BC 9 Hours 711 km 442
Spokane, WA, USA 7 Hours 550 km 342 miles
We are also RV friendly: Park overnight for FREE! Click here to view the requirements for entering Canada.