Equipment Tuning, Repair and Fitting


Don’t let poorly tuned equipment hold you back from skiing or snowboarding at your potential. As you ski or snowboard ice and rocks scratch your base and edges. This in turn reduces the performance of your equipment and makes your day more difficult and less enjoyable. Visit us today to make the most of your ski or snowboard adventure.

We offer state of the art Wintersteiger tuning equipment including a ceramic disk edge finisher for precise edge geometry enhancing your skis performance.


The repair shop in the Performance Rental Centre is the most technologically advanced shop in the region with highly experienced technicians.

Boot Fitting

Sore feet do not have be part of skiing. A lot of people think that sore feet and skiing go hand in hand. This is not so! Pay a visit to our boot fitters for a consultation and custom boot fitting. Your feet will thank you.

We offer a performance guarantee on all tune-ups.