Dining in Golden

There is a wide selection of dining establishments in Golden. Here are a few of our favourites:

Cedar House 250.344.4679 www.CedarHouseChalets.com

Eleven 22 250.344.2443 www.Eleven22.ca

The Island 250.344.2400 www.IslandRestaurant.ca

Whitetooth Bistro 250.344.5120 www.WhitetoothBistro.com

Rockwater Grill & Bar 250.344.5951 www.RockwaterGrill.com

The Timber Inn 877.348.2228 www.TimberInn.com

The Wolfs Den 250.344.9863 www.TheWolfsDenGolden.ca

Red Tomato Pies 250.344.4444 www.RedTomatoPies.com