Wedding Photography Showcase

Every mountaintop event is incredible, small or large, stormy or sunny, simple or extravagant. Below are some of our favourites, showcasing weddings at the Eagle’s Eye.


A Picturesque Golden Wedding | Shot by Alan Maudie, this summer wedding features the best of Kicking Horse – from a beautiful photoshoot on the Golden Pedestrian Bridge to the top of Kicking Horse on a bright blue sky day. We are often asked – “Will it be windy at the top?” When we see photos like these, we answer, “Only if you’re lucky!”

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Wedding Geoff Wilkins

A Winter Wedding | An outdoor wedding on a mountaintop is not for the weak hearted. However, for those with the dream of a winter wonderland wedding, an Eagle’s Eye Terrace Ceremony never disappoints. This incredible wedding shot by Geoff Wilkings showcases the best of Kicking Horse – incredible settings amplified by our favourite season.

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Wedding 6-8

Dramatic Elegance | Exchanging vows at 7,700 feet comes with its own sense of the dramatic, but the addition of some stormy clouds and a photographer with a vision can create one of the most stunning weddings we have welcomed to Kicking Horse. This matrimonial splendor is brought to you by the talent at 6:8 Photography.

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Wedding Jason Kasumovic

Bright Eyed & Beautiful | We often say that they only thing more breathtaking than the view is the bride and in this case, it couldn’t be more true! This beautifully dressed wedding party takes the cake for stealing the show, but we’re happy they got such a beautiful day to back them up! Jason Kasumovic from Photo Alberta captures this perfect day.

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Wedding Julie Williams

Perfect Raindrops | Wedding lore claims rain on your wedding day to be good luck, but few brides often echo that sentiment! For those curious about just how perfect a rainy wedding day can be, we invite you to view this album by photographer Julie Williams. An absolutely perfect day for a perfect couple.

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