Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre

Northern Lights Wolf CentreLearn about wolves and their role in a healthy ecosystem at the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre.A pack of grey wolves lives here, in a 1.25-acre enclosure, interacting much as they would in the wild. Daily interpretive talks lasting approximately 20 minutes take place right at the fence. It’s a truly unique opportunity to easily observe this fascinating species in its natural environment.

A visit to the Wolf Centre does not require a reservation and it’s open year round. If you’ve ever wondered why wolves howl, or if it’s true that they howl at the full moon, or if you’ve ever been accused of “wolfing down” your food, this is your chance to separate wolf fact from wolf fiction.

Located just west of Golden, the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre is a 20-minute drive from Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. For more information, or to reserve a wolf photo session, call 250.344.6798 or toll-free 1.877.377.WOLF. Visit their website.