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You're Booked! Congratulations!

As things start to fall into place, you're sure to have questions. Please use this guide to help keep track of important dates and answer some common questions about facilitating your wedding with us at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. 

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As your wedding day approaches, there are several important dates to keep in mind. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort will be processing your deposits on the dates specified in your signed agreement.

1st Deposit:

  • Due upon the return of your signed Contract
  • The amount of the Venue fee before taxes

2nd Deposit:

  • Due 6 weeks before your wedding date
  • 75% of the Estimate Invoice (F&B Minimum Spend + Gondola Fee)

3rd Deposit:

  • Due 2 weeks before your wedding date
  • 25% of the Estimate Invoice (F&B Minimum Spend + Gondola Fee)

Your Final Guest Count will also be due at this point

Final Payment

  • Due approximately 3 days after your wedding date
  • The amount will be the taxes, gratuity and any items over & above your Minimum Spend amount.

A wedding specialist will be in touch with you approximately 1 week before each due date to confirm numbers before processing your credit card on file.

We will require your final guest count 2 weeks before the wedding date. This should include an adult, child, and vendor count. We will need to know how many meals you will be purchasing, as well as the menu selection of each guest and vendor.

Please use the template below:

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This is a sample text. You can click on it to edit it inline or open the element options to access additional options for this element.

Your Final floorplan is due 2 weeks before your wedding date. Below you will find a few samples of commonly used plans to assist you with detailing how you would like to plan for the space.

Please feel free to move tables, make notes, etc in the attached word documents and send to one of our Wedding Specialists prior to the due date. We will happily work with the team to test your floorplan and ensure it will work for your guests and serving staff!

1 month prior to your wedding date we will require your full Food & Beverage order to be communicated with one of our Wedding Specialists. This includes:

  • Menu Selections from the Catering Package (including guest meal choices)
  • Any Special Orders
  • Menu Enhancements
  • Wine Selections
  • Timing of Food and Beverage Services (ie. poured wine service with dinner, 11pm: midnight snack, etc)
  • Allergies and/or Diet Restrictions

Due to our unique mountain top location, a timeline of 1 month is necessary in order to source and transport items required to fulfill your choices.

*Food and Beverage Pricing is Subject to Change*

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Please communicate your Audio Visual requirements 2 weeks prior to your wedding date should you be wishing to rent our Projector & Screen or utilize our house system for your ceremony and/or reception.

House System & Mic: Included

Projector Screen Only : $50

Projector & Screen: $200

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Above the dining room inside the Eagle's Eye Restaurant are 2 incredibly convenient suites with incredible views of sweeping mountain ranges! You are welcome to have vendors or friends & family come up to the suites to assist you in getting ready or even use the suite to host children through out the reception. The space is yours to use as you find most convenient.

Day Use:

  • 1 Suite: Included  on your wedding day from 11:30am until the end of the evening at 12:45am.
  • 2nd Suite: $300.00 (+tax) on your wedding day from 11:30am until the end of the evening at 12:45am, fees added to your final invoice.

Overnight Use

  • 1 Suite: $499.00 (+tax) per night for the days before, of, or after your wedding.

Please inquire with your Wedding Specialist about availability and/or booking the second suite for day or overnight use.


Our team will be busy preparing the tables, white linens, china, and chairs so that you or your decorators can have access to put the final touches on the dining room starting at 3:30pm (MST).

Take Down:

Any decorations that you have brought in must be taken down at the end of the evening and placed in the suite if available, or taken to the base. You are welcome to leave any rubbish or recycling, and we will take care of it for you.


You are welcome to decorate the dining room as you see fit as long as damage or additional cleaning is not incurred.

You are welcome to use candles in the dining room with the stipulation that there is a holder to collect any wax drippings.


Unfortunately flower petals, confetti, rice, and pushpins are not forms of decorations we can allow on the terrace of the restaurant or inside the dining room.

The dance area is open to your interpretation when working on the floor plan, though we default to having the dance floor behind the fireplace in the south side of the restaurant. Logistically, the tables are cleared and this space is left void of place settings unless you specifically request to have guests seated there. Dance floor tiles are not provided and are completely optional.

You are more than welcome to provide a DJ, live band, or use an ipod/mp3 player along with the supplied house system for the dance portion of your wedding. The PA system is  portable and can be used outdoors for the ceremony music and then transported indoors for the speeches (includes a microphone) and for the dance.

We ask that a member of your party is available to switch and navigate through songs on your behalf.

It is recommended to obtain a professional who has the professional equipment if possible.

Site Visits:

Should you be in the area, please feel free to touch base with a Wedding Specialist at least 48 hours in advance and we will happily make arrangements to meet with you. Gondola passes may be arranged for you and a couple of guests to go up to the Eagle’s Eye Restaurant.  During this time a member of the Team will accompany you up the gondola and review the arrangements of your ceremony, seating plans, and activities for your guests and address any questions or concerns you might have.

Wedding Rehearsals: 

Most often we find our Wedding Couples hosting their wedding rehearsals in an easily accessed area near a hospitality suite or get together the evening before the wedding celebration. Should you wish to utilize the Eagle's Eye Terrace for your rehearsal, please check availability and/or book with one of our Wedding Specialists. A $75.00 (+tax) fee will be applied to your final invoice for use of the terrace.

Sample Timeline

(Anything in copper can be changed based on your plans for the evening)

 11:00am: Bride/bridesmaids load to get ready in the Suite

3:30pm: Vendors Load to set up for Wedding Reception

4:45pm: Groom/Groomsmen Load

5:00pm: Guests Load

5:30pm: Ceremony Start

~6:00pm: Champagne Toast

~6:15pm: Cocktail Hour/Canapés Service (On terrace or inside)

7:15pm: Guests seated for Dinner

7:30pm: Dinner is Served

9:00pm: Dessert is Served/Cake Cut

9:30pm: Dancing Begins

11:00pm: Midnight Snack Served

12:15am: Last Call at the bar before closing

12:30-1245am: End of the evening, last download at 12:45am

Golden Eagle Express Gondola:

The gondola is a scenic and wowing experience for your guests and an exciting addition to your celebration! The ride takes 15 minutes (one way) and each cabin can seat up to 8 guests. Carts can be arranged through your Wedding Specialist for transporting decorations for vendor equipment the day of your wedding.

Lift Tickets:

Each guest must have a ticket going to and from your ceremony & reception or to enjoy the recreational facilities during the days before or following your wedding.Your Guests can begin picking up their Gondola Passes as early as 8:30 a.m. in the Day Lodge at the Guest Services Desk .

You will be required to supply a Guest List to your Wedding Specialist 2 weeks or more before your wedding date. We ask that it is in excel format.

For liability and safety reasons we must have the first and last name of every guest (no matter the age). This includes Babies/Children, a "Plus One" for your wedding guest, and vendors.

If you need certain members from your guest list to assist in set up or take photos with you at the top, please indicate that they require an "Early Access" ticket on the guest list template (found in Important Dates). All other guests will be required to wait until 5pm once the Mountain Safety team has conducted their safety sweep & the public is finished for the day.

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11:00 AM

  • The earliest time available to load the gondola to access the Eagle’s Eye Suite.

3:00 PM

  • The earliest time available for your vendors & decorators to load.

You must arrange vendor tickets or early upload tickets for any of your family/friends who will be setting up the Eagle’s Eye past the regular day’s closure times.

5:00 PM

  •  All wedding guests will be asked to wait until 5PM to begin loading for the wedding unless special arrangements for early upload tickets have been pre-arranged for a select guests with your wedding specialist. Please assist by communicating this with your guests.


Until 12:45am:

  • Download time starts at 12:15 a.m. and runs until the final guests leave at 12:45 a.m. However, if at any time, any of your guests or yourselves need to download the gondola, our staff will gladly begin running it again.

The Eagle’s Eye Restaurant is not legally deemed wheelchair accessible as there are two steps out the back to get onto the terrace.  In the past, we have put a ramp down to allow wheelchairs to access that area.  Thus- the venue is wheelchair friendly and there are no problems with getting wheelchairs onto the gondola.

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Your contract specifies a “Minimum Spend” which should also be outlined on your estimated invoice.  All food and alcohol (with the exception of a cash bar) goes toward meeting that Minimum Spend.  As alcohol is served during the evening, it will calculate toward that spend.

*Food and Beverage Pricing is Subject to Change*

The Eagle’s Eye Restaurant can serve a Buffet-Style dinner for up to 79 guests.  The number is capped at 79 so as to avoid special issues that occur when that number is increased.  It is preferable to have a plated dinner for any more than that. With a plated dinner, we ensure all options are available for your guests and that the meals are received in a timely manner, no matter the number.

Please let your Wedding Coordinator know about any special food needs (including allergies) no less than 30 days from the event. We can also coordinate a Vegetarian, Vegan or Gluten-Free Meal.

Children’s meals are available for those 12 years of age and under. Please note that children do count towards the total-person capacity for fire code reasons, but do not count toward your minimum spend.  The costs associated with their meals, however do.  To clarify, if 5 children under the age of 12 are in attendance at your wedding and you have purchased them each a $13 children's meal, they do not add $500 to your minimum spend requirement, but the $65 spent on their meals will be deducted from your overall minimum spend amount for the wedding.

Typically, the Bride and Groom pay for the Vendors’ meals. The Vendors do not count toward your final number of guests, but they do count toward your minimum spend. Vendors’ meals are discounted 50% and are served at the bar.

Cake Cutting:

Cakes are the only outside food allowed at the Eagle’s Eye Facility.  It is required that the vendor provide a Food Safe Certificate. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort charges a cake cutting fee of $1.50 per slice and handles the service of the cakes. This $1.50 includes any use of plates, or cutting services.

Wedding Favours:

Wedding Favours may be brought in by the Bride and Groom, however, if they consist of food or alcohol, please contact your Wedding Coordinator prior to deciding to ensure that it is allowed within the parameters of our licensing.

We are very flexible in customizing the beverage program to your guest’s expectations and your budget.  Keep in mind we can customize any bar type to specify which products are included. Please use the suggestions in the document below as a guide.

Your Menu Tasting should take place within three months of your wedding day, if possible. There is a $250 fee which includes a menu tasting for 4. If you wish to have more guests participate, there is a cost of $50 per extra person.  We require a minimum of one month notice prior to the selected menu tasting date in order to ensure efficient time for food orders to arrive due to our remote location.

Please work with your Wedding Coordinator to arrange a time. Bookings are mandatory and must be pre-approved, we cannot accommodate walk ins for a menu tasting. We also cannot conduct a menu tasting during the off season when the resort is closed, so please plan accordingly.

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You and your guests will receive an exclusive 20% wedding discount on activities when booking your reception package. Your guests can take advantage of the whole weekend and discover all the adventure Kicking Horse has to offer with Grizzlies, Gondolas, Mountains and More!


Stepping off the gondola at the top of the mountain for the first (or even hundredth) time can induce feelings of wonder and humility as the ridgelines of the Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges extend back as far as the eye can see. With gondola assisted sightseeing at the heart of Kicking Horse’s appeal, several ridgeline hiking paths are marked for easy access to show off the panoramic views the Horse is known for.

Take a scenic chairlift ride to the Grizzly Bear Refuge to enjoy an hour-long interpretive tour during which you can observe our resident grizzly, Boo, and learn all about this magnificent species. This 20 acre refuge is the largest enclosed and protected grizzly bear habitat in the world. Within this natural mountainside habitat, Boo hunts, forages and explores just like his wild cousins. Everyone who comes to visit Boo is fascinated by his strength, agility, intelligence and personality.

Secured Climbing Route – Get vertical at the most exhilarating Via Ferrata (Italian for iron path) in Western Canada! Confirmed and apprentice climbers alike will tackle Terminator Peak’s north face and venture through 2 custom courses and 1 suspension bridge.

People don’t come to Kicking Horse Bike Park to ride the same old thing, they come for the differences and we have plenty meaning 1200 metres (4000 feet) of stupendous variety! The start of it is the view from the alpine launch which is dominated by the three mountain ranges that surround the park, and the most variety of trails in the Canadian Rockies region.

Please provide your guests with the booking code KHMRWED to receive a 10% discount on select accommodations when booking through our central reservations at:




*They will need to provide the last name of either the bride or the groom*



403-209-3321 x4103

RCR is inclusive. Harassment and discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.